Older veteran saluting flag

Hunger. A Fight that Our Veterans Didn’t Sign Up For.

Our U.S. military veterans have bravely protected our country from enemies. Yet too many vets are still fighting, and it’s against a terrible foe right here in our country – hunger.

According to Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger relief organization, 20% of the households it serves include veterans and people currently serving in our military.

If this comes as a surprise to you, you’re not alone. That’s where Hunger Action Month comes in. It’s Feeding America’s awareness campaign, which is happening this September. It’s designed to highlight the issue of hunger in America and drive action to change the statistics.

And you’d be amazed how easy it is for all of us to do something about it.

Get on the Ground to Get Food Directly to Veterans in Your Area

When you buy groceries, buy a little more. Then, donate the food through food pantries or food banks. When you cook meals, cook a little more. Then share with your neighbor in need. You can conduct a food drive at work, so that each time you make the drive, you make an even bigger impact.

You can also volunteer your time at a local Feeding America good bank or food pantry. They always need more hands. Bring your colleagues or kids. Show them how easy it is to make a difference.

Donate 10 Meals for as Little as $1

Every single dollar you donate to Feeding America helps provide at least 10 meals through the organization’s 200 member food banks and over 60,000 food pantries. What could be possible if everyone in your company and partner companies, everyone in your neighborhood and everyone in your kids’ schools donated one or ten dollars?

Feeding America serves many sectors in the population. To make sure your donation goes directly to veterans, do some research beforehand or contact your nearest hunger relief organization to verify. There are veteran-focused community organizations and food pantries that are serviced by Feeding America’s food banks, including mobile food pantries that bring the food directly to disabled veterans’ homes, so there are plenty of opportunities to help.

Buy from Companies that Consistently Take Action Against Hunger

If you don’t have extra time or money to give right now, consider investing the money you do spend with companies that do something to fight the hunger in America.

Elara, for example, has a One Case • One Meal program. For each case of gloves, bags and aprons you buy, a meal is donated to a person struggling with hunger. It’s done through Elara’s partnership with Feeding America all year long, not just during Hunger Action Month. Similarly, when you go out to a restaurant, you can decide where to spend your hard earned dollars by finding out if they support hunger relief (many do – check websites) and which suppliers they chose.

Use the #HungerActionMonth Hashtag on Social Media in September

Another simple way to help is to spread awareness. Encourage people to visit the Hunger Action Month website or Feeding America’s blog to see what else they can do to help end hunger for veterans. Add a sentence in your email signature to encourage people to donate one dollar, or issue a newsletter to your subscribers to ask them to join you on this fight. On social media, use the hashtag #HungerActionMonth.

You never know who will see your message, or who they know, and how many veterans will get a decent meal because you took a few minutes to help.

Small actions can add up to a unified nation, who never goes hungry again.