Easy Ways to Help People Facing Hunger

When it comes to food, many are faced with endless possibilities. Choosing might mean deciding between one recipe or another. Tacos or salad? Or one restaurant or another. Chinese or Italian?

However, for millions of people in America, a daily meal isn’t a choice between different dishes. It’s a choice between food and other crucial needs—like medicine, electricity, or childcare.

Can you imagine needing to choose between groceries or medicine? How about deciding whether to keep the lights on or buy fresh produce? These are real questions faced by people in our country, and they are all too common. The households served by food banks across the nation report that they have needed to make tough choices like these in the past to make ends meet.

At Elara Brands, we believe that nobody should be forced to make these choices. And we’re dedicated to helping end the impossible choices of hunger. After all, we have a strong tradition of giving back to our community. It comes from our firm belief that every community is at its best when we all work together.

That’s why we created the One Case • One Meal program, which donates a meal to Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization, for each case of product purchased. Thanks to our loyal customers, we have already helped provide 4 million meals to people facing hunger in our country, and we’re pushing forward on all fronts to provide an additional 1 million meals this year alone.

Want to help us build a better world? We are asking our community to come together and take action against hunger in America during Hunger Action Month in September. See below for some easy yet impactful ways you can be an agent for change in your community.

Ways to Take Action During September

Hunger Action Month is the Feeding America network’s annual nationwide campaign designed to inspire people to take action and raise awareness of hunger in the United States.

The whole month is an exciting time of action against hunger, but September 17 is especially important because it’s Hunger Action Day — a day where collective efforts across the country are focused for greater impact.

Here are some great ways to make progress in the fight against hunger throughout Hunger Action Month:

  • Purchase Elara Brands gloves, bags, apparel and more. You’ll not only be keeping people safe but also providing a meal to someone in need for each case of Elara Brands products you buy.
  • Visit org/hungeractionmonth to learn about hunger in America and in your community.
  • Make a donation to Feeding America or your local food bank. You can find your local food bank by visiting http://www.feedingamerica.org/foodbank.
  • Volunteer at your local food bank.
  • Post on social media about how you are choosing to end hunger during Hunger Action Month and encourage your followers to join you.
  • Wear orange throughout the month of September! Orange is the color of hunger-relief. By wearing orange you’re spreading awareness while demonstrating your commitment to ending hunger in America.

Let’s End Hunger Together

We hope you choose to join us and help end hunger. You can choose to donate or advocate, to volunteer or raise awareness. When you do, you’ll help provide meals to people across the country, ensuring they get the food they need without needing to make the impossible choice between food and other necessities.

Learn more about Elara Brands’ commitment to giving back by reading our story, and take action this month at feedingamerica.org/hungeractionmonth. Thank you for your concern for people facing hunger.