Choose to Fight Hunger This September

Do you ever talk through endless dinner options with your family? You could make pasta, but everybody wants a different type of sauce. You could eat out, but you can’t find a place that everyone in your family will enjoy. Finally, you each prepare something different to eat because you can’t agree on one dish.

Many of us have choices when it comes to food. Lots and lots of great choices. But for millions of people in America, a daily meal is a choice between food and other critical needs—like medicine, utilities, or childcare. There is no luxury of what to eat. The choice is IF they eat.

September is Hunger Action Month. A time to come together to take action to end hunger. At Elara Brands, we’re making the choice to raise our voices against hunger in America this month. We’re also encouraging you to take action to end hunger. Read on to learn what motivates us support the hunger-relief movement year after year, and how you can help feed families in need.

Fighting Hunger in September

 Many kids head back to school during September. Food gives them the energy they need to pay attention to their teachers and play with friends on the playground. However, due in part to the coronavirus pandemic, 13 million children in our country may not know where they will get their next meal. That’s 1 in every 6 kids!

Many of us have lots of choices for what to eat when we have a busy day ahead of us. Sadly, people like Samantha and her family often don’t have the same options. Samantha is a single mom who works up to 12 hours a day at a restaurant to support her children. But it’s still tough for her to make ends meet.

“I was raised to be independent,” she says. “If you struggle, I was taught to bring yourself out of it. But I also know that at the end of the day, it isn’t shameful to ask for help.”

A local Feeding America food bank helps Samantha keep food on the table for her kids. She’s deeply grateful for the help they provide, as it gives her kids the nourishment to learn, play and grow – during back-to-school season and at other times when she needs a little help getting by.

Food Shouldn’t Be an Impossible Choice

 Samantha’s family has nutritious food because of caring people like Elara Brands’ customers, but there are many other households in our country facing hunger.

Food shouldn’t be an impossible choice. Yet many people are forced to choose between things like food and medicine or food and childcare every day.

This September, as families nationwide prepare for back-to-school season, will you help Elara Brands ensure that they don’t have to make impossible choices by supporting Hunger Action Month?

You can choose to donate or advocate. You can choose to volunteer or raise awareness. You have a choice. Choose to end hunger. Take action at and remember that your Elara Brands purchases of gloves, bags, apparel and more make a meaningful impact too.

We are grateful for your partnership as we work together to protect people and feed families. Thank you for your support!